Hongqi sponsors the Chinese team during the Olympic Games

Hongqi: official sponsor of the Chinese Olympic Team

Welcome at Hongqi

Discover the prestigious Chinese car brand Hongqi. Hongqi is part of the Chinese FAW Group and was founded in 1958. Currently, the only model available at the European market is the impressive Hongqi E-HS9, but soon the Hongqi EH7 will be added. This spacious sedan will be introduced in Europe later this year. In Europe, Hongqi is available at Hedin Automotive.

Hongqi is available in several European countries

The Chinese car brand is offered by Hedin Automotive in Europe. You can find Hongqi in the following European countries

Official sponsor of the Chinese Olympic team

This year, Hongqi will be present at the Olympic Games in Paris as a sponsor of the Chinese team. Twenty cars wrapped in a Olympic theme will be present in Paris. These cars will provide support for the Chinese Olympic team to help them achieve top performances. 

The Chinese team is successful for many years

The Chinese team is known for consistently delivering a strong and successful group of athletes for the Olympics each year. On the all-time summer games medal table, China ranks 4th behind Great Britain, Russia (former the Soviet Union), and the United States. At the last edition of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, the Chinese team ended with a total of 89 medals, making them the second most successful team behind the United States that year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hongqi models are available in Europe?

Currently, only the E-HS9 is available. In the near future the EH7 will launch in Europe.

In which European countries is Hongqi active?

Hongqi is in Europe available in: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Germany and Norway.

From when will new Hongqi models be coming to Europe?

Towards the end of 2024, we expect the Hongqi EH7 in Europe. This is a spacious luxury sedan.